VePa Wins Hubitation Innovation Contest 2021

Siegerehrung beim Hubitation Innovation Contest 2021

The housing industry is in an exciting phase of change. To take this development into account, the Nassauische Heimstädte I Wohnstadt group of companies founded hubitation, an accelerator that combines the strengths of established housing companies with the innovative approaches of start-ups.

In this context, hubitation organizes an annual Call for Innovation, i.e. a start-up contest in which young companies present their ideas and undergo a multi-stage selection process. In 2021, the grand finale took place in an inspiring atmosphere at the moxy east in Frankfurt. VePa also had the opportunity to present its innovative parking solution in front of a top-class jury. As a result, VePa developed a pilot project together with Volkswohnung Karlsruhe and was finally chosen as the winner of the hubitation innovation Contest 2021.

If you want to watch the great finals again and are looking for more information, you can stop by here:

We are very happy about this victory and the great event. A very special thank you goes to Volkswohnung Karlsruhe and the whole hubitation team.

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