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We had the pleasure to be part of the EMAAR Innovation Challenge in Dubai at the beginning of May and present VePa in the category “sustainable solutions”. We were excited to rethink the mobility of the future with other great PropTechs and discover the possibilities for our parking towers in the UAE.

In our pitch, David presented our sustainable idea with all its benefits and showed some sketches and renderings of possible parking towers in Dubai. This demonstrates that besides the sustainable and innovative idea behind our product, it is also conceivable that the towers can be adapted to any environment. This individuality is achieved through the modular construction and the different facade designs and enables us to use the VePa parking towers internationally in the future.

The winners in our category were the PropTechs Sablono and Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete, who implement equally inspiring and innovative projects. For us, being there is everything and we were happy to make many new contacts and enjoyed the exchange and networking with other experts from the industry.

Thanks to EMAAR for the invitation and the great organisation!

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