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let's rethink parking

We have developed vertical parking towers that enable you to solve the parking space problem of your real estate projects in a simple, space-saving and sustainable way. With VePa you can fully exploit the potential usable floor space of your properties. Eventually, you contribute to achieving climate targets and create needed living space.

Space saving



There are often two options for creating parking spaces.

Parking space regulations on minimum required parking capacities must be complied with and at the same time the available space is becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, the decision falls between:

Resource-intensive underground parking

high CO2 footprint and no deconstructability in case of changing parking space requirements

high investment costs and long construction times

Parking garages and parking conventional parking spaces

High land consumption and loss of valuable living space

Sealing of surfaces and few free green spaces

We offer you a sustainable parking solution and can be a building block in how you can create more living space in a sustainable and innovative way.

The housing industry often finds itself caught between legal parking space regulations, the needs of tenants and the requirements of sustainability and climate protection. In addition, the projects must also be economically profitable. In the case of increasingly scarce space and redensification projects, this can even mean that in extreme cases the required living space cannot be created because underground parking is too expensive and resource-intensive. We think there is another way, and we would like to work with you to make parking more sustainable.

Let’s rethink parking.

Simon Schubnell Co-Founder VePa

“We have spoken with numerous stakeholders in the real estate industry over the past few months and we understand the challenges posed by parking regulations”

Simon Schubnell

Co-Founder VePa

David Schön Co-Founder VePa

“We want to show you that there are innovative, flexible and sustainable alternatives for creating parking spaces or using existing spaces more efficiently”

David Schön

Co-Founder VePa

Pitch Insights

… a small insight into one of our pitches. But there is so much more behind it and we still have some ideas in store! 

Would you like to know what else we have to tell? Then arrange a consultation now! 

However, with our solution you can create parking spaces easily, quickly and economically.

The VePa tower in a nutshell

Space saving

12 parking spots on the space requirements of two parking spots


A 98% lower CO2 footprint


Assembly and disassembly in only 5 days

How does it work in detail?

Highest quality made in Germany for your projects.

Our VePa Tower is a vertical parking system that works according to the circulation principle and is based on the established paternoster technology.

An economical electric motor drives the individual platforms, which then rotate to create vertical parking spaces on a small footprint. During product development, we have placed great emphasis on safety, durability and low attrition.

Of course, all standards to be met in Germany with regard to statics and machine safety are just  as important to us as the highest requirements on user-friendliness and aesthetics. In manufacturing, we also work together with an established German machine manufacturer.


  • Individual adaptation to your requirements due to modular design
  • Design possible for 8, 10 and 12 pitches
  • Integration of electric charging stations
  • Parking spaces for bicycles, e-bikes, motorcycles possible
  • Digital booking and control through apps or connection to existing access systems
  • Facade and roof greening as well as photovoltaics possible
  • Individual design of the facade or integration of the tower into building structures


  • Integration of shared and micromobility providers possible
  • Operation as a mobility station for modern neighborhood concepts
  • Integration of packing stations and other add-ons possible


In cooperation with our development partner, we have created the VePa App, which enables you to optimize parking management and offers your customers a convenient parking experience.

  • Optimal user management, billing and parking space booking directly in the app
  • Dashboard to display all free parking spaces as well as the available charging stations of the tower
  • Overview of parking space rentals to different user groups
Digitale App VePa Parkturm Laptop Ansicht


  • In-app account creation for parking space tenants
  • Booking overview available in the app and stored as a QR code that allows entry to the parking tower
Digitale App VePa Parkturm Smartphone Ansicht

Your success

You keep up with the times in your projects and use vertical parking as an innovative and sustainable solution for your parking space problems

  • Positive contribution to the achievement of sustainability and climate goals
  • a 66% lower CO2 footprint compared to underground garages and low surface sealing
  • Increase in the value of properties and increase in the quality of stay of residents due to more green spaces.
  • Increased return on investment by eliminating underground parking and creating residential space
  • Greatest possible flexibility and deconstructability if future parking space requirements change

Partner and Network

Our innovation network for your project success.

We are a start-up from the environment of the TU Munich and well connected within the Munich start-up ecosystem. This ensures that our technology is always at the cutting edge of science and technology and that innovations for your projects are discovered and implemented.

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Our investors

Strong partners for long-term market success.

Through our investors we are able to establish ourselves as a long-term partner for your real estate projects and are well connected and operational in Europe.

Due to the close cooperation with the Adldinger group we have the necessary experience in planning and realization of construction projects. If desired, we can support you as a full-service provider from planning to construction.

Vision and future

Continuous improvement and development are part of our DNA.

We are driven by the question of how we can become a little better every day. Regular user surveys and customer feedback form the basis of our developments.

To counteract the current developments in cities, we have developed the VePa Urban Mobility Hub, which creates sustainable and degradable parking spaces for shared and micromobility and enables the integration of electric charging stations. This provides an alternative to the current roadside charging stations, promotes the creation of car-free zones and creates a better quality of life in urban areas.

Rendering graue vernebelte Stadt ohne VePa Parkturm
Rendering schöner lebenswerte Stadt mit VePa Parkturm

Use cases

Efficient use of space through vertical parking.

Benefits for real estate projects

This allows you to optimize the area of your projects and efficiently meet the requirements of the parking space keys.

Benefits for companies

This allows you to create parking spaces and charging options quickly and in a climate-friendly manner, or to use existing spaces more efficiently. By integrating alternative mobility solutions, you increase employee satisfaction and contribute to the mobility shift

Benefits for cities

In case of planned driving bans for cars in certain city districts, you can create parking capacities at decentralized hubs on a small area and promote the switch to alternative mobility concepts. In the case of planned reductions of on-street or resident parking, you can offer a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to neighborhood garages through VePa Tower.

What do our customers and partners say?

Logo Volkswohnung
“It’s not just here in Karlsruhe that the creation of parking spaces poses major challenges for the housing industry. That’s why we are exploring with VePa whether it would be feasible to use them.”
Mario Rösner
Head of Technical Services & Authorized Representative
Logo Nassauische Heimstätte Wohnstadt
“Sustainability is one of the very big drivers of change in the housing industry – for our existing and new neighborhoods. With its flexible and integrative solution, VePa addresses several challenges at the same time and was thus chosen as the winner of the hubitation Contest 2021 by our top-class jury.”
Dr. Thomas Hain
CEO of the Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt Group (NHW) and co-initiator of hubitation
Logo Partner Wohnungswirtschaft Deutschland
“An innovative, architecturally appealing and sustainable way to provide parking, including electrified parking, in tightly built neighborhoods.”
Ingeborg Esser
Chief Executive Officer GdW Bundesverband deutscher Wohnungs- und Immobilienunternehmen e. V.
Logo VePa Investor Adldinger Unternehmensgruppe
“I am concerned about the large number of underground parking spaces we are currently building. In 10 to 20 years, when autonomous driving and car sharing lead to the fact that cars will no longer be parked at home, we’ll have huge underground, low-ceilinged, uninsulated spaces that will be hard to repurpose. Temporary elevated garages would be better.”
Andreas Adldinger
Founder & CEO Adldinger Group


News around VePa


VePa is looking for:

Start with vertical parking

Our path together.

1. Initial Meeting

Together we clarify your current challenges and your questions. You will get a first overview and can evaluate if there are starting points for your projects.

2. Site analysis and feasibility

After you have identified potential sites, we jointly evaluate the feasibility and approvability of the project.

3. Offer and implementation

You will receive a detailed plan and a concrete offer for a possible implementation. On request, we support you in the planning and during the construction phase.

4. Start-up and service

After the professional installation and commissioning of our solution, we will support you with user training and are available for service and maintenance at any time.

More living space through vertical parking

Find out how we worked together with Volkswohnung Karlsruhe to develop a concept for realizing a redensification project through vertical parking.

VePa Whitepaper

More living space through vertical parking

Find out how we worked together with Volkswohnung Karlsruhe to develop a concept for realizing a redensification project through vertical parking.

VePa Whitepaper